Notes From the Field

Our first meeting was on 1/23/12. From the beginning, L___ had no interest in using Reading Horizons. We did the assessment and started to use the program during tutoring sessions, but she refused to do any of this work at home. L___ was very stubborn about this and I had the impression that she felt she didn’t need to review this material. It is even now apparent that L___ is lacking some fundamental skills in phonetics which she would have gained from using this program. During the beginning several months, L___ missed several tutoring sessions, sometimes didn’t notify me, and really didn’t appear motivated.

Then, about a year ago, the test for citizenship came into the picture, and L___ let me know that she wanted to study for this exam. So we worked on that primarily, although I tried to include a lot of conversation in our sessions. I also gave L___ the information on the conversation class that is being offered through LCUP. She still really needs help in this area.

For the past year, L___ has been very motivated to learn the material needed to pass this test. Except for medical reasons, she has attended each session, and has called to let me know when she is even just a few minutes late. I know that she has valued and appreciated the time we spent working on preparing her for this exam. I’m not sure how she will feel about continuing tutoring, as she has accomplished her primary goal. L___ still attends the ESL program at O____ Elementary.