Literacy Changes Lives, Winter 2016

Literacy Changes Lives

by Martin Haffey

LCUP Tutor & Assessment Specialist


Recently, JM’s tutor from the Literacy Council of Upper Pinellas (LCUP), Dawn Chisholm asked me to summarize his academic progress for his employer since I re-tested him in November 2015. I had assessed his progress in 2012 and also in 2014 for LCUP.

Each time J___ was tested his reading, comprehension, spelling and writing skills have improved by at least two grade levels over the last three assessments. Overall, he’s reading at a middle school level while his math skills are in the elementary school range.

Considering that J___’s scores in 2010 were at a first grade level from another test specialist, He has made significant progress over five years. This progress is a result of several factors (from my point of view):

      1) commitment to learning, weekly class attendance, and doing homework;

      2) encouragement from his wife & family, tutors and employer;

      3) goal orientation of wanting to advance on his job; and,

      4) dedication to using an online program called Reading Horizon Elevate alone and with tutors.

Personally, I worked with J___ during the summer of 2012 since his regular tutor returned to NYC until the fall. Dawn Chisholm recently shared with me that she and J___ have read Charles Dickens “A Christmas Carol” and several O’Henry short stories. These activities show advanced reading and communication skills.

I agree with the assessor’s summary from 2010 about J___ “ being very positive and highly motivated
to overcome his dyslexia.” It is a pleasure working with J___ and his tutor. Hopefully, you might consider
new responsibilities for J___ to enhance his career in your employ.