FALL 2015


M_____ recently asked if we could focus more on her ability to obtain a better job, so I have geared our lessons in that direction.  She works on Reading Horizons Elevate at home and is on Lesson 50.  She has had a 720 point improvement in her reading ability, and has learned 1068 vocabulary words with a 91% accuracy rate.

She has just finished Lesson 16 in Challenger 1.  Since she will soon be ready to move forward to another book, I have given her the choice of Challenger 2, Voyager 2, or Step by Step, and gave her some time to review them.  She asked if we could use both Challenger 2 and Step by Step, for variety.  I agreed.  I also bring items of interest that I find on the internet.  For example, we went over cooking measurements in standard versus metric systems, and how to read cooking instructions on a frozen food item box.  She will continue Reading Horizons Elevate at home and I will continue to give her writing assignments as homework.