GR continues to progress through the ?Staying Healthy? textbook and the ?Living in Pinellas County?. She is very focused on obtaining a job. Part of our lesson time is spent on her PC with me teaching her to navigate job sites. She is learning new vocabulary this way. Each week I can see that she once again has to be ?coaxed? back into speaking English (which shows me that she is not speaking English between her classes except occasionally when she goes to the English Conversation session). I have encouraged her to find more opportunities to speak English, e.g.: speak more with the English speaking members of her senior group; watch English television stations; and attempt to converse with her neighbors. PR has probably plateaued. He is more interested in learning English and is less ?shy? about trying to pronounce words on flash cards. G___ shared that P___ has a memory ?issue?. I have observed that each week it is almost like starting from the beginning, so I believe he has. I have noticed that he also has difficulty recognizing simple patterns.? I still try to spend part of the class time with him to hopefully get him to learn some basic safety lessons. He has learned his numbers quite well (thanks to Senior Center Bingo) and this has helped with some lessons.

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