Hurricane Preparedness


The Florida State University Information Institute?s?Hurricane Preparedness & Response features the NOAA Hurricane Outlook and recent Hurricane Preparedness workshops offered by Institute staff. It is available to view in Spanish.

The web portal was created with the support of the Florida Catastrophic Storm Risk Management Center?at FSU?s College of Business?to local communities to better plan for, and respond to, hurricanes.

This web portal serves as an excellent resource by:

  • Providing hurricane-related information resources, services, roles, and best practices related to hurricane preparedness;
  • Developing model plans, standards, guidelines and recommendations for hurricane preparedness; and
  • Discovering existing strategies that libraries use to assist state and regional government with disaster coordination; and
  • Discovering Hurricane Preparedness training and organization opportunities and events sponsored by the Information Institute, the American Red Cross and other agencies.

Be sure to check out the Pinellas County Emergency Management web site to determine your evacuation zone.