Board of Directors LCUP

Board Members

Dr. Pat Bauer, Ph.D., President and Coordinator; , Mary Frances Kirkpatrick, Vice President and Public Relations Director; Eileen Cassidy, Secretary; Susanne Carter, Treasurer and Grant Writer; Jan Demers,  Clearwater Coordinator; Phyllis Gorshe, Dunedin Public Library Director; Linda Grimshaw, Reading Horizons Specialist; George McDermott, Technology and Math Specialist; Vicky Obando, Hispanic Outreach Center Liaison; Gary Richey, Program Assistant; Sister Merita Strahler, Conversation Specialist; Carol Kennedy, Conversation Specialist; Michele Ross, Hispanic Outreach Center Liaison.

At Large Board Members 

Martin Haffey, Assessment At Large; David Muething, Technology Consultant At Large; Robin Pitchford, Conversation Specialist At Large.

Emeritus Board Members

Audrey Bittle, Emeritus; Elizabeth Horton, Emeritus; Gloria Donovan, Emeritus; Opal Hamm, Emeritus; Joe LaRocca, Emeritus; Marian Ligon, Emeritus.